Client Love

I was fortunate to work with Abbie, whilst she was assisting SGFE and have since worked with Abbie for my own business. Abbie has a fantastic approach where she gets to the essence of what it is you are offering your clients and how to translate that in to social media. I value Abbie's input and I will often use her as a sounding board, knowing she will give constructive feedback and provide me with options which will give my business the best outcomes. I can highly recommend Abbie. 
Vicky Simpson - Coach & Consultant

Abbie has been an absolute god send and an integral part of my business. I provide Abbie with some ideas and photos for each month, but she runs with the ideas and has complete creative control. Whilst I run the busy florist, I know that the social media is consistent and in tune to my brand. Abbie has created a fun, flirty and modern brand - just as I requested. Having Abbie on board means I can focus on the creativity within the business, and Abbie handles the social media aspects. Running a small business means I play to my strengths, and I have to admit social media isn’t mine - so having Abbie takes the pressure off me...and she does an absolutely amazing job! I am very lucky.
Amie Gara  - Fleurtations Florist

Abbie has really transformed my business. She's created social media platforms that didn't previously exist, and has showcased my business through them. I am now getting the volume of enquiries and bookings that I was always aiming fact I am now almost too busy!! My business name is getting out there, and I have a brand that is being recommended by others, and one that is trusted in the trade. Abbie provides me with suggestions of events that I can attend, as well as ways to market my business to ensure it's continued growth. I would highly recommend Abbie as your social media manager, and also as someone who you can rely on to provide support when you need it.

Jamie Carpenter - Owner, Just A Van?

Working with Abbie brings such relief that all the details of my business are being looked after. As a founder/solo business owner there is never enough time in the day - and that's why I value Abbie so highly. But she doesn't just get stuff done - she also provides clear thinking and strategy to help grow my business. Thanks for being my secret weapon, Abbie!
Lucy Davies - Coach & Consultant

Abbie is brilliant to work with. Very attentive to detail and full of ideas for better ways to do things. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.
Han-Son Lee - Founder & CEO of Daddilife

Deciding to work with Abbie was a great business decision. She has helped streamline many of my processes which has made my life simpler and given me valuable time back. Abbie is easy to work with, efficient and someone you can trust with your business. I reached out to Abbie because there were parts of running a small business that were not playing to my strengths, were taking me too long to complete myself and holding me back from spending time doing what I love the most: coaching. Abbie has been the catalyst to all of the change I wanted to make, not only has she given me renewed energy and accountability to do some of the things I was procrastinating or inconsistent with (such as email marketing) she has added in an eye for detail, an understanding of systems and processes and an objective perspective to how I can streamline and therefore optimise my business. I now have a much more sophisticated client facing experience and when I sit down to work, I feel confident that I have professional systems in place so that I can scale even further. I highly recommend Abbie to anyone looking for a VA who does more than 'manage your inbox' - from building websites, to setting up Dubsado and automating emails she has a wealth of knowledge to help you take your dream business to the next level.  
Lizzie Martin - Founder & Executive Coach, Work Life Mother

I’m loving working with Abbie in our weekly brainstorming and strategy sessions. I’ve gone from stressed, overwhelmed and lost in the woods, to feeling really supported as we’ve moved through the different areas of my business that I’ve wanted to upgrade. Not only has she been a great sounding board, but she’s also brought lots of ideas and expertise that have really enriched my approach and business infrastructure in ways I’m really happy and excited about. And the cherry on the cake is, as we’ve been doing these sessions, she’s gotten to know me and my brand in ways that give me confidence to outsource work to her going forwards. She knows me, what I’m about, and what would fit me. Onwards and upwards!  
Todd Roache - Practitioner & Empowerment Coach

Working with Abbie was very easy, she was a pleasure to deal with and very clear when it came to communicating how she could support me. The service she provided was straightforward, relevant and added value. By collating all of my past content into one place, Abbie has made me focus on my social media management going forward, reinforcing that I need structure and planning.
Ayesha Murray - Career Coach

I've recently worked with Abbie so she could support me in centralising my social media posts in a more manageable way. She quickly understood my requirements and was very clear about how she could support me in providing this service. Working with Abbie was a very smooth process from start to finish with great communication about what was happening with my project. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abbie to other people in my network looking for the type of support that she can provide and I'm sure I will be engaging her with further work in the future.
Sue Milne - Leadership Coach

Working with Abbie has been a pleasure! It was an easy, fun process, and I felt reassured that I was in good hands throughout the process. The warm friendly personal approach that was tailored to suit my needs and understanding. Taking the time to listen to what my goal was, not trying to oversell services (unlike many of the responses via my Facebook request for web design support). Efficient and very supportive, and the personal videos detailing the latest updates were so helpful. Abbie had an attitude that nothing was too much trouble, or too silly a question. Very refreshing! Abbie removed the stress of finding time and mental energy to try and accomplish this myself! A huge weight off my shoulders and has renewed my energy for the business moving forward. I'm very happy that I reached out on Facebook and Abbie’s details were shared by a mutual contact, a great result!
Clair Cusack - Clair Cusack Health & Wellbeing

I contacted Abbie for help with my website set up. Abbie took the few notes I had, and my brand colours, and wow, the results were beyond anything I could have imagined. She took ownership of the whole thing, checking in with me along the way and advising me what worked best and where. It was all done from scratch, and completed, within 3 days. Total pro and I couldn't be happier with my website!
Abbie is Amazing! Working with her is easy and painless. She takes what I give her and makes it so much better, I didn't have a proper working website before Abbie! I love being able to give her updates and changes and she turns it around super quickly.
Sarah Durbin -  VA & Wedding/Event Planner

Our website hadn’t been updated since 2015. Abbie gave it a fresh new look by fully updating it, as well as adding new effects, layout, images and forms. Abbie also added new pages such as testimonials and case studies. We now have a website that sells our services, and one that we can be proud of. We 100% recommend Abbie!
Jon Newcombe - Director, Newgate Construction

Abbie is a joy to work with. She has a can do approach to tasks that puts you at your ease that the job will get done on time and surpass your expectations. Having dithered for months on updating my website I turned to Abbie for support - within two days she'd made suggestions that improved on my ideas and the transformation was so 360 degrees. I wish I'd turned to her much sooner! She then went on to re-design my newsletter so it looked much more professional and strengthened my brand. I've had some nice feedback from one client already. I can highly recommend Abbie - she is calm, motivated to do a really good job, full of ideas and the technical skills and knowledge to boot.
Hilda Kalap - Coach/Professional Speaker

Just wanted to say, in case I haven’t enough, what an absolute asset you were to the community team and how much I loved working with you. I so appreciated how ‘on it’ you were and that I could step away with complete confidence!  Abbie is a dedicated, hardworking professional who displays amazing attention to detail. She picks up processes and procedures quickly and produces exceptional work including : communication, customer support and data analysis. She is both creative and practical and is a great problem solver who is solution focused and produces results.
Louise Upchurch - Community Manager, Frolo

Abbie supported me with my clients for over 9 months. She was really easy to work with, had great communication, quick turnaround on tasks and was client focussed. She was able to be adaptable to different client priorities and tasks, and had a 'can do' attitude. Her experience and confidence meant that I didn't have to spend a lot of time on-boarding her, which saved me time and energy.
Thank you so much for your support this year. It's been super easy working with you and I've appreciated that I could hand clients over to you and leave you to it to manage!
Joanna Chapman - Business Best Friend